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ODM Seeks 3 Year Extension for MyCare Ohio

At the Managed Long-Term Service and Supports (MLTSS) Study Committee on Thursday, July 12, Ohio Department of Medicaid (ODM) Director Barbara Sears told members of the committee of ODM’s plan to submit a letter to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) requesting a three-year extension of the MyCare Ohio program.  The announcement followed the testimony of a number of consumers who have benefitted from the care coordination provided by MyCare.

MyCare Ohio launched in 2014 and recently launched behavioral health redesign initiative also faced delays. Without extending MyCare, Director Sears noted that Ohioans could be caught in a gap between the end of MyCare and the start of MLTSS (should the state be successful in its launch).  This gap could cause Ohio to have to dis-enroll and then re-enroll more than 100,000 people in managed care, according to Office of Health Transformation, Greg Moody. An extension enables a smoother transition for the next administration.

Kathryn Brod, President/CEO of LeadingAge Ohio, emphasized to the committee that the outcomes measured for LTSS providers must be aligned with the plans in order for meaningful evaluations of success.

To access Sears' presentation and the MyCare evaluation, click the links below.  (Hannah News Service)


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